The raccoons are active again pulling back the turf looking for grubs.

About 20 years ago I started having issues with a racoon going up on our roof and tearing off the old cedar shakes.  This went on for a couple of weeks, the racoon ripping off the shakes and me hiring a person to repair the damage.  So one weekend I ended cutting down all the trees alongside the house, and nailing aluminum to the posts around the house so that the raccoon couldn’t climb up on the roof.  I figured I had out-smarted that raccoon but the next night that raccoon was on the roof again.  I found out why:  the raccoon had  babies in our attic and we had nailed them in when we repaired the roof.  We hired a company to take the baby racoons out of the attic, and the company moved mom and the babies safely to another location.

Raccoons running wild through this North Vancouver backyard.


Mirare, a 17 foot stainless steel trunk of a hemlock tree in Princess Park, North Vancouver.

This piece of artwork was originally installed in Deep Cove, North Vancouver but it caused such an outrage from residents that it was moved to Princess Park where it has received nothing but positive comments.  Funny how residents from two different parts of the District of North Vancouver can have such different views on a piece of artwork.

Mirare, a 17 foot stainless steel trunk of a hemlock tree in Princess Park, North Vancouver. Originally slated to be installed in Deep Cove, but outrage by some residents who named it the bong, it was installed at Princess Park instead.

Which do you prefer?

Which coffee do you prefer?  Large Tim Hortons 20 oz, $1.98 incl tax or Starbucks Grande 16 oz, $2.58?

Intriguing psychology behind the marketing of coffee, because in my opinion coffee is coffee, and it all pretty well tastes the same.  Some people will tell you the Starbuck’s tastes better than the Tim Horton’s and is worth the extra $0.60.  Is it really better?  Can you really taste the difference?  Are we being setup by rich and powerful coffee cartels who are using subliminal messages to control our minds?

Tim Horton's or Starbuck's coffee, which is better?